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Zenaida is a graphic designer with a particular interest in its capacity for storytelling and building empathy. She has spent seven years working as a designer for social enterprises, not-for-profit organisations and socially focused businesses. She has lived in nine different cities (towns/ villages) in four different countries and currently spends her time living between New Zealand and Melbourne.

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Photo of Kristin Gillies
Kristin Gillies
Kristin drives the For Purpose bus and makes sure everyone gets on and off where they should. Kristin has been...
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Nina Atkinson
Nina has previously worked as a digital organiser on the #StopAdani campaign with GetUp Australia, launched OurActionStation, an online community...
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Áine Kelly-Costello
Áine is a campaigner, musician, language lover and writer. She has a particular interest in accessibility, disability justice and climate...
Photo of Georgina Langdon-Pole
Georgina Langdon-Pole
Georgina is a writer, educator and community practitioner creating social impact with words and engaging stories. Her background in community...
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John Williams
Travelling and working as a developer around the world for 20 years, John is now happy to be back in...

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